What this story about Americans blowing up a whale can tell us about fighting coronavirus
Richard Humphrey/ Doncaster Council/ Twitter

Scattered with top quality GIFs, Doncaster Council presents this gripping fable to teach us all three key lessons about dealing with coronavirus.

The question is: what do you do with a dead whale?

The story begins with 45-foot dead sperm whale, washed up on the beach in Florence, Oregon. Did you know adult sperm whales have the biggest brains on earth?

Anyway, back to the story. So the locals came up with three options for how to deal with the whale.

After clearly much deliberation, option three was selected. And we're very pleased given that otherwise we wouldn’t have this brilliant learning experience.

BUT his advice was ignored. Why?

Well, we all know that despite their expertise as, you know, experts, not many people seem to actually listen to experts. See: Donald Trump, who recently stopped his top medical expert Dr Fauci from answering a question on untested Covid-19 treatment.

So how did blowing up the whale go?

Could it have gone worse?


But most importantly, what did you learn from this story?

Doncaster Council have kindly extracted three key messages, in case you weren’t exactly sure how this relates to the global coronavirus pandemic.



And last but not least:

Who would have thought Doncaster Council would lead the charge in educating the public about coronavirus?

The exquisitely told story is a noteworthy break from the account’s usual posts educating their 26,000 followers on government schemes and local support services.

Other councils were duly impressed and gave credit where credit is due.

And some suggest that Downing Street could learn a thing or two from their communications strategy, especially since most Britons spent the weekend arguing about whether it is ok to sunbathe.

If you would like to see the rotten whale actually exploding, here is that gift from us to you.


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