White House accused of 'lying' after claiming snow was falling in Washington DC when it clearly wasn't

Greg Evans
Monday 13 January 2020 08:30
Picture:(The White House/ Flickr/ Twitter)

We're not even halfway through January yet and Donald Trump's White House has already had a hell of a year.

Not only has he almost started a war with Iran but he has also started to tweet in Farsi, proving that anyone can learn a new language.

On top of that his social media team have also started to lie about the weather. Yes, that's right they have even started to tell you what you can see out of your window isn't true.

In a completely bizarre tweet posted by the White House in the early hours of Monday morning, The White House posted a picture with what appears to be a few snowflakes falling outside of the famous building with the accompanying caption 'first snow of the year.'

Aside from the fact that the "snowflakes" are dubiously reminiscent of a dodgy Photoshop job, the main problem is that it wasn't snowing in Washington DC at all. The temperature in DC at the weekend was reportedly between 51-53 degrees fahrenheit which is way too warm for any snow to fall.

The tweet, which still hasn't been deleted, was swiftly torn apart on Twitter, with many either criticising the White House or accusing them of lying.

Newsweek has since reported that the photo wasn't taken on Sunday but was actually from January 7 when Trump met with the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The photo can even be found on the White House Flickr page but why it took them the best part of a week to share it is quite hard to comprehend.

HT Newsweek

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