Peter Sweden: Right-wing blogger tries to call out 'whining' about white male privilege - gets owned

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Peter Sweden is a right-wing blogger accused of antisemitism, homophobia and Islamophobia.

He also has a habit of posting incredibly bad takes.

An old post by Sweden has recently resurfaced and honestly it’s a strong contender for the worst take of all time…

Obviously, Sweden didn’t give women the vote or end slavery because he wasn’t born when those things happened.

And his contribution to “fighting the evils of Nazism and Communism” doesn't seem to go much further than tweeting a lot.

But those are small problems here.

The big problem is… well… you can probably guess what it is…

The fact that white men didn’t have to fight for the vote or get out of slavery is pretty much the basis of white male privilege.

And asking for a thank you for “giving” women and people of colour very basic rights is an insanely stupid argument.

Also, the idea that white men just gave away those rights ignores the work by women and POC civil rights activists who fought for them.

Oh, and it wasn’t just white men who defeated the Nazis as well – as historian Mike Stuchbery pointed out.

While we're on the topic of Nazism, it's worth remembering why Sweden is controversial.

In 2016, he wrote a series of antisemitic tweets in which he spread anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, denied that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, and said Adolf Hitler “had some good points”.

He backtracked on those comments when HuffPost published them in 2017, saying that he no longer holds those opinions.

Although, his tweets were only one year old at the time and most people manage to get through life without ever denying the Holocaust.

Maybe Sweden has changed his mind about white male privilege as well, now that people have explained why his take is one of the worst of all time.

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