An armed white militia has threatened violence in Oregon, so are they terrorists?

On Saturday a group of armed men stormed the headquarters of a government building in rural Oregon to protest the "tyranny" of the federal government, threatening violence if law enforcement tries to remove them and calling on "patriots" to join their fight.

Member of the group Jon Ritzheimer talking about the US constitution in a now-deleted YouTube video

It appears the group want the Bureau of Land Management to turn over a wildlife reserve to local ranchers.

Leader Ryan Bundy (son of Cliven Bundy, who carried out a similar standoff over land use in Nevada in 2014) said that the group were willing to use violence.

The group claims to number more than 100 in the occupied buildings, but reporters on the ground say the number appears to be closer to a dozen. They have been holed up since Saturday night local time.

Many commenters online have been quick to point out that the stand-off bears all the hallmarks of a terrorist incident.

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