White police officer has worst possible excuse for being caught on camera using the n-word

White police officer has worst possible excuse for being caught on camera using the n-word

A Maryland police officer has been criticised after she was caught on camera using a racial slur during a confrontation with a group of four black men.

Montgomery County police were called to a McDonald’s on 9 May following a complaint in Silver Spring, reportedly for loitering.

The men had been waiting to be picked up by a friend for their landscaping job.

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Footage of the female officer using the N-word was caught on police bodycam and also on one of the men's smartphones,

One of the black men used the racial slur, prompting the female police officer to say: “You want to get out of here fast, right?”

So if we have more people, y’all n*****s been trying to do something.

This prompted one of the men to say:

I bet if she didn’t have that badge on, she wouldn’t call us no n*****s.

To which the female police officer astonishingly responded:

I would still say it because what I’m doing is repeating your words.

(Picture: 420_bizzy/Instagram)

The police officer’s defence – that she was only saying it because they were – was heavily criticised online, and eventually prompted police chief Marcus Jones to apologise for the language she used.

A statement released by the police department said:

The Montgomery County Department of Police takes all allegations of racial discrimination seriously. We are committed to serving all members of the community in a fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory manner at all times.

All allegations of misconduct surrounding inappropriate actions or language by our employees are investigated by our Internal Affairs Division, at times in concert with other governmental agencies within Montgomery County.

The matter brought to our attention today is disturbing and contrary to our department's values and our overarching mission to fairly and impartially serve our community.

“The statements observed on the social media video clip are contrary to our extensive training curriculum that include implicit bias training and other training programs to ensure fair, unbiased, and non-discriminatory policing in our community [SIC]”.

All four men were cited for trespassing, and two were cited for marijuana possession.

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