There’s a brilliant theory for why Starbucks always spells your name wrong

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Thursday 15 December 2016 09:30

The question has been asked for almost as long as man has roamed the earth: why do Starbucks baristas always spell people’s names wrong on cups?

We’ve all seen bemused photo captions uploaded to social media, asking how on earth someone could be told ‘Alan’ and hear ‘Alien’.

But one video explains exactly why that might be...

Paul Gale explains, in a nutshell, how it's done on purpose for the entertainment of baristas, and becuase it gives the company free publicity when you share your cup typo on social media:

I’m f*cking with you.

I didn’t mishear your name.

I am deliberately misspelling your name to confuse and annoy you.

It’s the best part of my job and I will never stop. 

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