26 year-old cat breaks record as world's oldest cat

26 year-old cat breaks record as world's oldest cat
Hungry cat tries his luck at hunting deer on his TV screen

The world’s oldest cat has officially been recognised and she has broken records at almost 27 years of age.

According to the Guinness World Records, 26-year-old Flossie is officially the oldest cat in the world, having been born in 1995.

As of 10 November, Flossie was an incredible 26 years and 316 days old. According to her owner, her age doesn’t hold her back from very playful.

Flossie lived with her original for 10 years but was rehomed by cat charity Cats Protection following their death.

She then went to live with the new owner’s sister for a further 14 years until she always passed away. After some time with that owner’s son, she was passed to Cats Protection who found her a new home.

She now lives in London with Vicki Green in Orpington, who had no idea Flossie would end up being the world’s most elderly cat.

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Green told the Mirror: “I knew from the start that Flossie was a special cat, but I didn't imagine I’d share my home with a Guinness World Records title holder. She's so affectionate and playful, especially sweet when you remember how old she is.

“She's deaf and with failing eyesight but none of that seems to bother her. She's completely with it, loves affection and has a very good appetite.

“She never turns her nose up at the chance of a good meal, except when she's snuggled on her favourite yellow blanket.”

Green has previously looked after senior cats and said Flossie is an “amazing cat” and says she likes to get “snuggled on the bed” with her.

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief at Guinness World Records said: “We were so excited to hear about the lovely Flossie and celebrate her long life - it's not every day you come across a cat who has been around since the mid-nineties.

“This is the human equivalent of over 120 years old, which would put her on par with Jeanne Calment, the French supercentenarian who lived to 122 years 164 days and holds the record for the oldest person ever.

“We're happy to see Flossie settled and enjoying all the home comforts she deserves in her later life. A huge congratulations to Flossie, a highly deserving record-breaker.”

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