In an attempt to imitate the “yellow vest” protests which have swept across France, hundreds of people put on high-visibility jackets and marched against government cuts in central London.

But, as a bungled flier reportedly distributed by the British "yellow vests" displays, some of the things they stand for might not be so popular.

A leaflet, titled “UK YELLOW VESTS AND WHAT WE STAND FOR” begins with calls for “justice for our boys” and Brexit. But things quickly take a bizarre turn when the list says that the group stand for child abuse and suicide.

Given out near Downing Street, the flier also lists “deaths in custody, pensioners living in poverty, rape and murder of our children, fake news and corrupt government” as things the group stand for, rather than against.

An image of the leaflet was widely shared on Twitter prompting many, many mocking comments.

The leaflets were reportedly distributed at the "Britain is Broken" demonstration, which was organised by The People's Assembly Against Austerity. Many of the attendees were calling for a general election.

Yellow vests were worn by protesters from the right and left in separate central London demonstrations on Saturday. It is believed that the bungled leaflets were distributed by right-wing protesters. The appropriation of the yellow vests – which were originally worn by protesters in France – by the far right and left has led to confusion over what the garment represents.

Tony Griffiths, from The People's Assembly, said that the yellow vest movement means different things to different people, but distanced the anti-austerity group from far-right protesters, telling the BBC:

We are absolutely not allowing the far right to take over the yellow vest movement in this country.

They've been forced out the yellow vest movement in France and they'll be forced out the yellow vest movement in this country.

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