The Belfast Telegraph has produced a quite staggering article judging election candidates based purely on their looks and dress sense in campaign posters.

Reaction to the double-page spread on Thursday, which labels one female candidate a "girly girl", admires a "plunging neck line" and notes that another looks like she needs "a good night's sleep", has been branded sexist and outdated by commenters online.

And reading the article (titled "So, which candidates are topping the poles [sic]") in full, it's perhaps easy to understand why people might hold those opinions.

While male candidates don't escape the objectification (one looks "smirky smug", while another has teeth that "look as if they were never intended for eating with"), they play a mere peripheral role on the layout of the page.

Here is a selection of the more outrageous quotes:

On the Workers Party candidate Gemma Weir:

On teeth and eyes, she is right up there with Jo-Anne, but she beats her flat on looking like she thinks more than she plays.

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