Trump shared a photo of himself as a boxer and we don't even know where to begin

Andy Gregory
Thursday 28 November 2019 09:15
( Brendan SmialowskiI/AFP via Getty Images)

There's so much that Donald Trump has said and done at this point that you'd think we'd all be getting used to the hellish parallel reality we appear to have slipped into.

We've watched aghast as he sinks to new lows with racist comments about politicians, migrants and entire countries, and looked on incredulously as he linked the noise from wind turbines to cancer.

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Now Mr Trump has shared an image of himself apparently modelled on fictional boxing hero Rocky Balboa, and we genuinely don't even know where to begin.

Yes, that is an actual tweet shared by the United States' president where he has envisaged himself as a triple-jacked bronze statue of a man based upon an iconic working class migrant film character who becomes a champion boxer.

Needless to say people couldn't quite believe their eyes, aside from, you know pointing out the obvious...

One person went full circle.

And there was also true art.

And a lot of shocked faces.

But crucially, the biggest problem with all of this?

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