Boris Johnson claims people are more interested in India trade deal than ...

Boris Johnson is facing a lot of heat at the minute, with plenty of people calling for his resignation after being fined for breaking lockdown rules.

But hey, he doesn’t kick cats, so maybe we should just be a bit nicer to him, yeah?

The PM gave a bizarre response to a question on partygate about 'not being in favour of kicking cats' during his visit to India.

Johnson attempted to gloss over the ongoing scandal while giving a speech, but was pushed on the subject by journalists afterwards.

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An ITV reporter described Johnson as a ‘cat with nine lives’, before the PM was asked ‘how many have you got left?’

Stumbling over the answer, he replied: “We had a pretty good kick of a cat yesterday. Not that I’m in favour of kicking cats for the avoidance of doubt.”

He added: “But, you know, we did all that with great respect and what we’re talking about today, is the ways in which the situation, not just in Ukraine, the situation around the world is obliging the UK and India to do more together.”

Weirdly, it’s not the first time that idea of Johnson kicking a beloved pet has been out there in the public sphere.

Nadine Dorries bizarrely admitted on CNN earlier this year that her support for him would cease if the PM "kicked a dog."

Strange days indeed.

During the same press conference in India, Johnson also dodged another question about partygate, saying: “I think that what people want in our country is for the government to get on and focus on the issues on which we were elected, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

It’s not been an easy time for Johnson with the press during his trip to India, with a Channel 4 News reporter leaving him fumbling when they had an awkward Partygate encounter.

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