7 jobs Boris Johnson could do next if he resigns as prime minister

Boris Johnson has faced calls to resign over allegations that Downing Street hosted a number of parties during the festive season last year, while the country faced strict coronavirus restrictions.

Westminster leader of the Scottish National Party Ian Blackford told him to jog on and said resignation was “only right and moral choice left” for Johnson, while Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said it would be time to go if he was found to have misled parliament regarding last Christmas’ events.

Ultimately, whether Johnson resigns or not is something only he can decide to do, public pressure or not.

And if he was to go, what would he do next? Here’s a few ideas and pieces of career advice. You’re welcome, prime minister.

Brand ambassador for Peppa Pig World

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Given the PM’s love for the attraction, it seems he would be a noble choice to rep all things Peppa Pig World when he is no longer PM.

Just as people go from Love Island to fast fashion influencers, there should be a clear path for former PMs to get into children’s entertainment. It would have stopped the Greensill scandal. In this essay I will...


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? host

This weekend, it was alleged that, amid the general Downing Street party panic, Johnson may have attended one himself, virtually, to host a quiz.

Imagine being taken down by a general knowledge game? He may as well go whole hog now – not Peppa Pig though – and just become a quiz show host.

And if he’s not keen on helping people become millionaires, Would I Lie to You? might be another good bet...

Grand Designs host

The Electoral Commission has recently fined the Tory party over funding Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment.

But despite all that dodgy funding, when the refurb was reported at the time in April, people were mostly shocked to learn of expensive gold wallpaper and lots of other tat adorning the flat, rescuing it from its days of being a “John Lewis nightmare”.

Johnson clearly has some wacky interior design ideas, so where better to put them in action than Grand Designs?


Or instead of delegating, he could get involved with redecoration himself and become a painter. In October he was spotted on holiday with his paintbrushes out so he clearly is one arty man.

Britain's PM Johnson and Home Secretary Patel visit HideOut Youth Zone in ManchesterREUTERS


When he’s not painting, Johnson has been spotted a few times out and about going for a run in entirely inappropriate clothes. And if he manages to, for instance, pelt it down the streets of Manchester in dress shoes, he must be pretty good at it.

One to watch for the next Olympics... Maybe.

Write a book

He’s already written a fair few books, but it seems disgraced politicians have become rather fond of locking themselves in their studies and begging Penguin for a meeting recently, if this guy is anything to go by.

Time for Johnson to do the same.

Suggested title: The Johnson Years: How I lost Public Trust through a game of Guess the Song


Everyone knows Johnson loves a slogan, bless him. He first became obsessed with three word comms strategies with Get Brexit Done, then frothed at the mouth over variations of Build Back Better. He’s now saying Get Boosted Now to everyone who will listen so it is clear Johnson would make a pretty good Mad Men era ads man, able to flog just about anything to the public. Like:

Toothpaste: Get Plaque Gone.

Pubs: Get P***** Now.

He’ll be a natural.

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