A Brexiteer got schooled on why the French aren't to blame for the queues at Dover

A Brexiteer got schooled on why the French aren't to blame for the queues at Dover
Simon Calder explains how Brexit contributed to Dover travel chaos
Good Morning Britain

Ah, we remember when Brexiteer Michael Gove made the argument that “people in this country have had enough of experts” during the 2016 EU referendum, but we certainly haven’t when they can shut down inaccuracies made about the impact of our decision to leave the block six years ago.

On Monday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce and Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire were invited on to discuss the latest headlines, including the delays and queues at Dover as holidaymakers try to depart for France at the start of the summer holidays.

So what exactly is to blame for the backlog at the border?

“Blame the French,” said Mr Pierce, before pointing to Mr Maguire. “He’s going to say Brexit, but as you know, we had these checks before we left the European Union.

“The French, apparently, are not putting in enough staff.”

Fortunately, GMB also had Independent travel expert Simon Calder on hand to dispel some of the nonsense around the issue.

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He said: “Andrew Pierce, I’m afraid to say, you have got exactly what you wanted, which is the effects of Brexit which gives back control to the French.

"We have said we wanted to be treated as third country citizens. That means instead of just waving the passport out of the window when you breeze past, or just being completely waved past because there’s a bit of a queue building up, the French official has to – because we asked to be third country nationals – ask you to see your passport."

Mr Calder went on to add officials have to stamp the passport, as well as check things such as whether the individual has a return ticket and enough money for their stay.

“These are all rules that we helped devise and build in,” he said.

After Mr Calder’s intervention, Mr Maguire pressed Mr Pierce to apologise for the holidays he has “ruined” with his “Brexit fantasy”, but he didn’t appear to do so.

Nevertheless, Twitter’s ensured the broadcaster won’t forget this blunder in a hurry:

Looks like the journalist’s ego has been well and truly pierced…

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