This ‘Brexit explainer’ is hilariously spot on

This ‘Brexit explainer’ is hilariously spot on
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A comedy duo has released a sketch about Brexit that is completely spot on.

Using the recurring character ‘Anthony the talk show host’, and a fake phone caller responsible for ‘putting a giant rake in our garden’, Mark Davison and Anthony Richardson brilliantly satirise Brexit via a pretend radio show debate.

In a bizarre metaphor for Brexit, Anthony says: “We argued for years about whether to put a giant rake in the middle of our garden. Some people suggested that we might accidentally step on the metal bit”.

The caller replies that this was “scaremongering” and said that now “we have a rake and can rake whatever and wherever we like.”

“It’s the critics’ fault,” he adds.

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“If they hadn’t whined about a rake hitting our heads when we stood on it then the idea wouldn’t have come into our heads to step on it in the first place.

“It wasn’t my idea to put the rake in that part of the garden.”

People on Twitter found the video hilarious, and reacted in the comments:

It is not the only parody the comedy duo have done lately.

In another video, talking about coronavirus, ‘Colin from Portsmouth’ flies the flag for the spread in the UK.

He says: “Why, why, why is everyone in this country talking Britain down? I’m sick of it. We have the most successful, most powerful Covid variant in the world. And we’re ashamed of it!

“British Covid, it’s the best on the planet. You name one more virulent than the British variant?”

Too real.

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