MPs laugh as Labour MP calls for a debate into the intelligence of Conservative MPs

MPs laugh as Labour MP calls for a debate into the intelligence of Conservative MPs
MPs laugh as Labour MP calls for a debate into the intelligence ...

MPs in the House of Commons burst out laughing today after a Labour MP called for a debate into the intelligence of his Conservative colleagues.

Speaking during time allocated for a business statement ahead of a vote for or against an inquiry into Boris Johnson's denial of lockdown breaches, Chris Bryant, the Labour MP for the Rhondda listed times in which Tory MPs had made some... questionable remarks before making the flippant request.

He said: "Can we have a debate on geography and history lessons? I gather that one Conservative Member has recently stated that we are sending refugees to a 'safe European country, Rwanda'.

"Another Conservative MP said that the Church of England was disestablished many years ago, which will come as news to the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Her Majesty.

"Many Government ministers have also said that we cannot change the prime minister during a time of war, despite the fact that we changed prime minister four times during the Afghan war, once during the first world war, the second world war and the second Boer war, and twice during the Peninsular war. Can we have a debate on the intelligence of Conservative Members?

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This week, Tory MP Tom Hunt got his words in a twist and appeared to say Rwanda was in Europe in an embarrassing Politics Live moment that was missed by the rest of the panel. For the avoidance of doubt, Rwanda is in East Africa.

Meanwhile, after the Archbishop of Canterbury criticised the government's Rwanda policy - in which they plan to offshore asylum seekers to the country while they await decisions on their cases - another Tory MP put his foot in it.

Ben Bradley said: "We separated the church from the state a long time ago ... Commenting on government policy is not Justin Welby's job". This is despite the fact that the Church of England is Britain's state church and its Archbishops sit in the House of Lords.

As for replacing Johnson, if you could imagine such a thing, many politicians have indeed suggested changing a leader during a war is unthinkable, contrary to historical convention.

After the house laughed at Bryant's comedic interjection, Tory MP Mark Spencer suggested he "reflect" on his question.

He said: "The House of Commons is blessed with a number of very bright MPs and he should just reflect and he should gently reflect on the language he uses sometimes. The level of debate in this place needs to be lifted sometimes, and he can assist us in delivering that."

Never a dull moment in the House of Commons...

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