Republican calls newsreader ‘a s**t’ live on air

Republican calls newsreader ‘a s**t’ live on air
NBC News/ Screengrab

Broadcast interviews between journalists and politicians are often awkward, but you don’t often hear a politician swearing at their interviewer.

But this is exactly what happened in an interview between NBC’s Chuck Todd and John Boehner - the former speaker of the House of Representatives.

Asked whether he would ever run for office again, a sombre Boehner said: “I’d rather set myself on fire than run for office again.”

After Todd admitted he had asked the question to illicit a response like that, Boehner said: “you’re a s**t” twice, barely smiling.


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Boehner’s appearance came as part of a book tour. His memoir On the House: A Washington Memoir, was released last week and therefore he is doing the rounds promoting it.

But clearly the Republican grandee is tiring of his chats with journalists, and isn’t afraid to let that be known.

And reacting to the clip, people on social media found it funny. One questioned:

Another said:

But others thought it was wrong to laugh with the Republican, who voted for Trump, is against abortion and wanted to repeal Obamacare, among other controversies.

One person posted:

For his part, having been sworn at, Todd laughed and replied: “I assume I’m getting that as a compliment. I’ll take that as a backhanded compliment.”

We can’t think why.

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