Deputy PM accused of mouthing ‘w*****’ at BBC’s Nick Robinson during tense interview

Deputy PM accused of mouthing ‘w*****’ at BBC’s Nick Robinson during tense interview

Dominic Raab has been accused of mouthing the word “w*****” during a clash with Radio 4’s Nick Robinson earlier this week.

According to the i’s Paul Waugh, BBC staff reportedly spotted the justice secretary “silently mouthing the word ‘w****’ in the soundproofed radio booth” during the deputy prime minister’s appearance on the Today programme on Tuesday.

The newspaper’s chief political commentator said he saw the internal video recording of the incident. Waugh contacted Raab’s office for comment but received no response, while Robinson refused to comment.

Retweeting Waugh’s excerpt, Nick Robinson added three emojis, including a zipped mouth:

Robinson grilled Raab on Afghanistan and the pandemic during Tuesday’s tense interview. After a question about the government’s Plan B Covid restrictions, Raab remarked: “Can I answer the question? You interrupt me every time I’m trying to just give you a full answer which accurately addresses..."

Robinson interjected: “You are nine minutes into the interview Mr Raab, so let’s not complain about the time you’ve been given, you’ve had lots of time."

Raab responded: “Nick you’ve interrupted me every time."

Robinson said he hasn’t, but Raab hit back with: "You’re doing it now".


Twitter enjoyed Waugh’s scoop, with The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole calling it a “cracking tale”:

Others joked that Raab may have been referring to himself:

Some praised Robinson for the interview, with one saying the term should be seen as a “badge of honour”:

However not everyone ribbed Raab over the allegations, with one Twitter user remarking: “Some would say that that was spot on.”

Some even called for the video to be leaked:

Given how leaked videos have affected this government so far this year (read: Hancock, Christmas party allegations), we’re sure plenty of people would be interested in having a look...

Indy100 has contacted Dominic Raab and Radio 4 for comment.

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