All the bizarre comments Donald Trump has made about the Ukraine war

All the bizarre comments Donald Trump has made about the Ukraine war
Donald Trump reveals he loves DJing at his own parties

As the Ukraine-Russia war continues, US politicians are weighing in on the crisis and how to best proceed.

Among those who have made multiple comments about President Vladimir Putin's disastrous invasion of Ukraine is none other than former President Donald Trump.

Unsurprisingly, Trump hasn't been a fan of the way that President Joe Biden's administration has handled the crisis.

He's also taken the opportunity to brag about the superb way he would have handled the crisis if he had his way...

Below, see all the bizarre interventions Trump has made about the Ukraine-Russia war so far.

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Trump credits his 'personality' for keeping the US out of war

At a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, former President Donald Trump shared that he believes his personality kept the US out of war during his presidency.

"The fake news said my personality would get us into a war," Trump said, adding: "But actually, my personality is what kept us out of war."

The former impeached president also told the crowd that "no one was tougher on Russia" than he was and theorized that Russia would not have dared to annex "one inch" of Ukrainian territory if he was in charge.

Trump's latest rally featured him taking credit for the missiles that are being used against Russia

Meanwhile, Trump also sed his rally to take credit for the javelin missiles that are being used against Russian tanks and accused Biden and Barack Obama of sending "blankets." At one point he said: "Ukraine wouldn't be having a chance without them [the missiles]. That was all sent by me, all of them." Cool flex?

The former president later on also suggested that World War 3 could be avoided if he was still president because he was "tough on Putin."

Donald Trump says he 'got along' with Putin in bizarre Fox News interview

Speaking to Sean Hannity earlier this month, Trump said that he got along with Putin. What a boast.

When asked by Hannity if he saw Putin as an “enemy”, Trump responded: “I got along with these people. I got along with them well. That doesn’t mean they’re good people."

He continued, “That doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that I understood them and perhaps they understood me - maybe they understood me even better, that’s ok. Because they knew there’d be a big penalty.”

"In North Korea, I got along with Kim Jung-Un. When I first came into office… President Obama met me in the Oval Office and said, ‘Probably the biggest problem you’ll have is we’ll end up in a war with North Korea. There could be a nuclear war.'"

“We had no problem with North Korea. I got on well with him. We understood each other. I got along with Putin, I got along with [Chinese president] Xi.” While he said he “100 per cent” knew that they always had their own interests at heart, Trump added: “Putin is for Russia. You see what happened, and it’s all because they didn’t respect our leader.”

Trump 'joked' that the US should bomb Russia and blame it on China

As reported by CBS News, Trump spoke to Republican National Committee donors in New Orleans in early March where he discussed the invasion of Ukraine.

At one point during the evening, as The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey posted on Twitter, Trump told the crowd that America should “put the Chinese flag” on US planes and “bomb the s*** out” out of Russia. Hilarious...right?

“And then we say, China did it, we didn’t do, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch," he reportedly said.

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