Scottish Tory leader pays tribute to Atomic Kitten in mortifying interview

Scottish Tory leader pays tribute to Atomic Kitten in mortifying interview

Politicians will do anything to seem more relatable and human.

Who can forget the former prime minister’s “Maybot” routines, or watching a flag-waving Boris Johnson dangling from a zip wire or, just the other day, Sadiq Khan “bunny hopping” on his bike?

The phenomenon is by no means restricted to England, however, as MSPs across the border have recently proved.

Leaders from two of Scotland’s main parties have treated viewers to stomach-churning displays over the past few days, the likes of which might even make Theresa May blush.

It began with Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar who was filmed shaking his hips to Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk while out on the campaign trail.

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On Saturday, Sarwar stumbled upon a dance class in the car park of Livingston’s Tony Macaroni stadium, and decided to join in – to the delight of onlookers and, inevitably, social media.

Not wanting to be outdone, the ConservativesDouglas Ross had his own dance anecdote up his sleeve, which he revealed two days later.

STV’s Colin Mackay asked Ross during an interview on Monday: "Talk us through your dance routine if it comes to a dance-off for second place."

He replied: "Well, I’ve made it very clear I am a big fan of Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again.

"Not only can I sing the lyrics without the computer screen and I don’t need the words to it - I’ve made up my own actions to it and it just makes the whole performance."

Goading him on, Mackay said: "Go on then,” to which Ross began rattling off the lyrics without hesitation. And with gestures.

He ended his recital by addressing the newsman tenderly, saying: "But Colin, you can make me whole again."

Needless to say, the awkward exchange left Twitter in a state of dumbfounded horror.

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Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for the Ross-Sarwar dance-off with baited breath.

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