Ten years ago today Ed Balls tweeted his own name and became a legend

Ten years ago today Ed Balls tweeted his own name and became a legend
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Happy anniversary, Ed Balls.

Ten years ago, the former Shadow Chancellor tweeted his own name. He had been intending to search the site for an article about him but we’ve all seen our parents struggle with the internet and Balls , no different, well... ballsed up:

People unsurprisingly delighted in the incident at the time, and every year since Ed Balls has gone viral on Twitter as people remember the time the politician made the slip, with he himself joining in by making a cake to celebrate the day one year and wearing a Balls emblazoned football jersey another.

After all, they say you always remember where you were when Ed Balls tweeted Ed Balls.

Here are some of people’s reactions to the day thus far:

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In an odd twist to the ongoing tale, last week Yvette Cooper - Ball’s wife and fellow Labour politician also made a slip up on Twitter and accidentally tweeted:

This is a couple who are hamfisted when it comes to social media:

It’s cute, really.

But anyway, it’s not Yvette Cooper day, it’s Ed Balls day and the day is so special that someone’s made a T-shirt:

Later in the afternoon, Balls finally responded to his anniversary, and showed his followers a cake he had made to celebrate the occasion.

Cooper added:

Have a great Ed Balls day, one and all.

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