Ron DeSantis sparks debate following social media ban in Florida

Ron DeSantis sparks debate following social media ban in Florida
Social media banned for children under 14 in Florida
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that will prohibit those under fourteen from joining social media, and it has divided the internet.

The bill, HB3, also states those who are 14 or 15 will need their parent's consent before they join a platform. Additionally, social media companies must delete the existing accounts of those under 14, and any company that fails to do so can be sued on behalf of the child.

“Ultimately, [we’re] trying to help parents navigate this very difficult terrain that we have now with raising kids, and so I appreciate the work that’s been put in,” DeSantis said in remarks during the bill-signing ceremony.

However, the move has attracted both praise and heavy criticism, with some worried the move is just another veiled attempt to suppress LGBTQ+ content from being accessed by minors.

This is because another aspect of the bill requires commercial apps and websites to introduce "anonymous age verification" when over a third of content on the site contains "material harmful to minors." Which doesn't only mean content such as pornography, but practically anything related to nudity or sex.

Which X user @KnowingBetterYT pointed out "what these laws mean in practice is that you will have to enter your ID or use a credit card to prove that you're 18 to even read anything about Sex Ed or LGBT anything."

Others echoed similar worries about how the bill would impact the LGBTQ+ community.

Others said the Bill was hypocritical to Republican values on parental choice and small government:

But despite the criticism, many believe the bill will great for improving young people's mental health and reduce the amount of young people being exposed to explicit content:

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