George Santos selling Cameo videos for $200 after being booted from Congress

George Santos selling Cameo videos for $200 after being booted from Congress
Watch George Santos Sell His Image on Cameo
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George Santos was expelled by the US House of Representatives last week and it looks like the former Republican congressman has found a new gig... selling video messages on Cameo.

Just days after being only the sixth person ever to be ousted from the House following an Ethics Committee report that accused him of spending campaign money on Botox treatments, credit card debt, trips to Atlantic City, and OnlyFans, Santos describes himself on his Cameo profile as a "Former congressional 'Icon'!"

On top of this, the 35-year-old faces a 23-count federal indictment on charges in relation to wire fraud, money laundering, and lying to Congress.

"The Expelled member of Congress from New York City," is also another description included on his page, where he is selling personalised video messages for $200 each - this is an increase from the initial $75, which then doubled to $150 before being raised again to the current price.

George Santos has joined Cameo, and this is what his profile page looks likeCameo

Meanwhile, customers can also directly message Santos on Cameo for $20.

"Don't let the haters get to you. Haters gonna hate. And if you have haters, that means you're doing something right, girl," Santos says in one Cameo video.

While in another he advises that "Botox keeps you young, fillers keeps you plump".

So far Santos has received 5-star reviews from five happy customers, as one reviewer said it "Exceeded expectations."

One customer included Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman who paid for a cameo from Santos to troll New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez aka "Bobby from Jersey" who is facing bribery charges.

"Hey Bobby," a smiley Santos exclaimed.

"Look, I don't think I need to tell you, but these people that want to make you get in trouble and want to kick you out and make you run away - you make them put up or shut up!"

On Twitter/X, Fetterman posted the video of Santos and wrote: "I thought my ethically-challenged colleague @BobMenendezNJ could use some encouragement given his substantial legal problems.

"So, I approached a seasoned expert on the matter to give ‘Bobby from Jersey’ some advice."

Here are some of the best reactions to George Santos joining Cameo.

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