Liz Truss's book spotted in 'sci-fi and fantasy' section of book store

Liz Truss's book spotted in 'sci-fi and fantasy' section of book store
Liz Truss make blunder live on air as she holds new book …

Copies of Liz Truss’s books have been found in the “sci-fi and fantasy” section of a bookshop and everyone is saying the same thing.

In 2022, Truss famously spent a chaotic 49 days as Prime Minister of the UK after being chosen by Conservative Party members to replace Boris Johnson who resigned amid a slew of controversy.

Truss recently released a book, titled Ten Years to Save the West, that she has been doing what feels like endless promotion for and in which she made some wild revelations about her short time in office.

Rather unsurprisingly, the book has been received with caution, as people appear hesitant to take notes from the shortest-serving PM who some accuse of crashing the economy with the help of her former Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng.

In a viral post on X/Twitter, journalist and author Nick Tyrone shared a photo showing someone had moved Truss’s book from biography into the “Sci-Fi & Fantasy” section of a London bookshop.

Tyrone told indy100 the placement made him “smile” when he came across it while shopping at a branch of Waterstones in Central London so he snapped a picture.

The image has now gone viral and been liked over 14,000 times at the time of writing, with plenty of people making some hilarious comments.

Someone commented: “I suppose they don’t have a ‘Complete and Utter Bo***cks’ section.”

Another argued: “Could equally be shelved under horror.”

“Surprised it's not in the comedy section,” someone else wrote.

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