UK: Greenpeace Activists Interrupt Liz Truss;s Speech At Tory Conference

One of the Greenpeace protesters who disrupted Liz Truss's conference speech had a cheeky response when she received an automated email thanking her for attending the event.

Ami McCarthy was among a group of environmentalists who interrupted Truss's speech in Birmingham earlier this week by brandishing a banner reading "who voted for this?" They were taken away by security after Truss said "let's get them removed" and Tories in the audience booed at them.

The protest made headlines and Truss clearly wasn't happy with them, including them in her nebulous and now infamous "anti-growth coalition" later in the speech, which seems to be made up of anyone who disagrees with her policies.

But then, McCarthy was included in what appeared to be a group and automated email thanking delegates for attending the conference, which is pretty ironic.

Most of the email is cut off but in a screenshot McCarthy posted to Twitter, it says: "Ami, Thank you for joining me at conference".

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"You're welcome," McCarthy joked in the tweet.

The Greenpeace palava was just one of a few problems that Truss faced at conference.

Others included her deputy PM appearing to send people to sleep with a boring speech, chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng u-turning on a major tax policy, and a terrible choice in music that Truss walked out to which distracted people from just about everything she had to say.

That. Is. A. Disgrace.

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