Obama's visit to Downing street sparks new MAGA conspiracy

Obama's visit to Downing street sparks new MAGA conspiracy
Barack Obama arrives at Downing Street for surprise private meeting

MAGA supporters have sparked conspiracy theories after former President Barack Obama had a surprise meeting with Rishi Sunak in Downing Street.

Now that is has been confirmed that Joe Biden and Donald Trump will face a rematch, Trump's supporters are clearly trying to discredit their opponent with baseless conspiracy theories.

Obama was seen outside Downing Street on Monday, entering the Prime Minister's residence for an undisclosed private meeting. The former President was then seen leaving an hour later.

A Downing Street spokesperson called the visit an "informal courtesy drop in", as reported by The Independent.

However, the reasoning was not enough for some MAGA conspiracy theorists, who have claimed that the meeting was in fact a sign that Biden's first term as President was in reality Obama's "third term."

One user on Twitter/X, wrote that Obama's visit to Downing Street, "should tell everyone that this is Obama's third term and Biden is his puppet/scapegoat."

Another wrote that, "they are not even hiding it anymore."

"Obama is of course in his third term presidency," added another.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer even suggested foul play, asking "why is Obama having private meetings with world leaders?" The replies were full of users pushing the third term conspiracy theory.

Obama previously visited Downing Street in 2016, where he met with then Prime Minister David Cameron.

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