Nadine Dorries once criticised MPs who 'ignore their constituents'

Nadine Dorries once criticised MPs who 'ignore their constituents'
Nadine Dorries criticises MPs who 'ignore their constituents' in resurfaced clip

A clip of Nadine Dorries criticising MPs who don't listen to their constituents has resurfaced as the MP clings onto her seat despite saying she would resign.

In 2014, the MP made a speech in the commons claiming MPs should respect the concerns of their local constituents rather than get involved in party political issues.

She said: "Where MPs do fall down is where they ignore their constituents.”

The Mid Bedfordshire MP also told her parliamentary colleagues that her constituents know she is not a “party political MP” and when she’s in her constituency, she “represents everybody, regardless of who they vote for”.

She said: “They also know that I will go the extra mile. I don’t do surgeries once a month, I do them, most times, every week.

“They know I don’t get involved in grubby games or political games in parliament. They know I represent them.

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“I put my constituency before my party,” she added.

This is ironic as in June the MP said she would resign with immediate effect having not got a seat in the House of Lords.

But months later, she is still there, but she hasn't even spoke in the House of Commons since Boris Johnson resigned so doesn't exactly seem committed to her role.

So much so that her own local council have called on her to step down because her constituents are being denied “effective representative” in parliament.

Meanwhile, given she has consistently criticised PM Rishi Sunak and called him out for being posh.

With that in mind, campaign group Best for Britain posted the clip of her 2014 speech on Twitter where it duly went viral, racking up over 1.2 million views at the time of writing.

Very awkward indeed.

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