Nadine Dorries ‘kicked off’ a Tory WhatsApp group after praising Boris Johnson - and people love the chaos

Nadine Dorries ‘kicked off’ a Tory WhatsApp group after praising Boris Johnson - and people love the chaos

A group of Tory politicians bickered on WhatsApp until Steve Baker appeared to kick Nadine Dorries out of the group and the pettiness is everything.

According to screenshots of messages from a group of 100 Tory MPs embarrassingly named Clean Global Brexit, a discussion about Lord Frost’s resignation from government ended in chaos when Dorries stuck up for Boris Johnson and his leadership, leading Baker to send her packing.

The conversation started with Theresa Villiers, the former Northern Ireland secretary, describing Lord Frost’s exit as “very worrying”.

Then Andrew Bridgen insisted it was a “disaster” as Lord Frost was concerned about the “policy direction” of the Government like most Tory backbenchers.

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Marcus Fysh - who recently caused controversy by comparing Plan B measures to Nazi Germany - called Frost a “hero”, while Geoffrey Clifton-Brown said it was a “further hammer blow to the PM”.

This appeared to be too much for Dorries who, in a teacher’s pet display of sycophancy, wrote:

“The hero is the prime minister who delivered Brexit.

“I’m aware as someone said today that regicide is in the DNA of the Conservative party, but a bit of loyalty to the person who won an 83 majority and delivered Brexit wouldn’t go amiss.”

Oof. The screenshot then showed the message “Steve Baker has removed Nadine Dorries from the group”, followed with him writing “enough is enough”.

Brigden added: “About time, thanks Steve.”

It comes after Frost’s resignation has caused more questions about the strength of Johnson’s premiership, with other issues like ongoing allegations about Christmas parties, a backbench rebellion over Plan B measures and the Tory’s embarrassing by-election defeat in North Shropshire leading some to think it is time to bid the PM farewell.

But Dorries still seems to be a fan of the PM and thought her fellow MPs should show some loyalty, despite others clearly remaining unconvinced.

Reacting to the political pettiness, people found it absolutely hilarious and lots of people joked that Baker was “cancelling” Dorries:

It also reminded a few people of Jackie Weaver’s infamous parish council tiff:

Despite booting Dorries from the group, Baker also wrote “I suggest we not argue in this group. We have troubles enough in our immediate future.”

We love it when our elected representatives behave like squabbling teenagers...

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