Photo of Nicola Sturgeon with thumbs up becomes hilarious meme

<p>Twitter has made this photo of Nicola Sturgeon the latest political meme.</p>

Twitter has made this photo of Nicola Sturgeon the latest political meme.

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Whenever there’s a big political event, we can always expect there to be some bizarre, funny or cringeworthy moments that inspire a wave of memes and this year’s Scottish Parliamentary elections was no exception.

A photo of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon casually giving a thumbs up to reporters as she campaigned for re-election in her constituency of Glasgow Southside – while, it has to be said, not really looking all that jolly at all – has been turned into a hilarious meme by the amused Twittersphere.

It appears to have started when scriptwriter Richard Flynn shared the image with the caption: “Found my new favourite reaction image.”

The post received more than 10,000 likes and prompted a string of other hilarious reactions.

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Richard himself shared the meme, referencing a relatable experience we have all had at the hairdressers.

Then there was the person who used it as a nod to that one friend we all have that always takes things too far...

Then, when you have to hide your disappointment.

Just... oh dear.

When rude customers think they’re offending you when they say they’re never coming back

Another one of the current struggles of current Covid restrictions: finding tables at the beer garden.

One in particular, mocked the exchange between Sturgeon and ex-Britain First candidate, Jayda Fransen, which took place on that same day.

How we’ve felt over the past year about receiving yet another email that “hopes to find us well in these uncertain times.”

Someone compared the photo to a similar iconic meme from fellow Scottish music legend, Susan Boyle.

We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see of Sturgeon in this format.

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