Nigel Farage tricked into saying rude joke name in Cameo birthday message

Nigel Farage tricked into saying rude joke name in Cameo birthday message

Nigel Farage’s foray into the world of Cameo is ageing like a fine wine.

Since the former leader of the Brexit Party and UKIP announced that he was stepping away from politics, Farage has been forging a career for himself by making personalised videos where, like Ron Burgundy, he will almost read whatever request is sent to him.

Farage, who is apparently charging at least £63 for a video, is seemingly willing to make a fool of himself to pocket a bit of extra cash (he’s been doing it for decades, so why change now?)

In a video that has surfaced on TikTok, Farage wishes someone called ‘Hugh Janus’ a happy birthday before going on to mention TikTok stars shzwheelie and Cal the Dragon.

Now, although there could be there someone called Hugh Janus, we sincerely doubt it – and it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Farage was supposed to say.

He’s definitely fallen victim to the classic Moe Szyslak prank but, as he’s getting paid for it, we’re sure he doesn’t really mind.

A quick search through TikTok, as well as Instagram and Twitter, reveals that Farage has been making a lot of Cameos where he says daft things as jokes or just to promote their various social channels.

He also appears to have something of an ongoing saga with the ‘Big Chungus’ meme.

Some of them are funnier than others and some do veer into territories such as racism that we wouldn’t want to share here... but it’s out there if you want it.

Farage isn’t the only former British politician on TikTok. The last speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow joined the platform recently. Surely he wouldn’t fall for such nonsense... would he?

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