'I don't know what they're for': Joe Biden says Republican party 'has …

While trying to accuse President Joe Biden of being involved in Hunter Biden's laptop controversy, House Republicans accidentally created a meme.

"Joe Biden is the BIG GUY," the HouseGOP Twitter wrote on Thursday.

"The big guy" refers to the unknown person referenced in an email sent by investors to Hunter Biden when negotiating a deal. Several news outlets have accused the President of being "the big guy".

However, for those unfamiliar with the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, the House GOP's tweet came as a strange endorsement of Biden.

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People used the tweet to joke that the Republican Party was complimenting Biden.

"If you’re not like 8 levels of brainwormsed by the internet this sounds like an endorsement of Biden," Jack tweeted.

"Wow sounds like I should vote for him," Will wrote.

"Joe Biden is the COOL DUDE," James responded.

"Dark Brandon is dead. Long live BIG GUY Biden," Don tweeted.

The HouseGOP tweeted multiple times on Thursday accusing the Biden family of committing a crime.

The House Oversight Committee held a press conference alleging the President was involved in his son's business dealings and released a report outlining their findings.

However, due to the lack of press coverage and authenticated information on the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, many people had no idea what the HouseGOP meant by "Joe Biden is the BIG GUY."

"I mean, what even is this?" Derek asked.

"What did they mean by this lmfao," Aria tweeted.

"Literally what does this mean," a Twitter user said.

Republicans gained control over the House of Representatives after the midterm elections giving them a leg-up against Biden's future legislation.

Despite winning, some Republicans were disappointed in the results as they anticipated a "red wave" across the US.

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