Rishi Sunak denies he's out of touch with cost of living crisis

Spare a thought for Rishi Sunak on this tough day.

The chancellor just wants to be liked, seen as one of the people. He's just like you or I just with a bit more money that's all. An average Joe with the same struggles as the rest of us.

But then things happen like - I don't know - having a Peloton, wearing expensive sliders, being married to someone with non-dom status to avoid paying tax (she now does) and, as of today, joining The Sunday Times Rich List and... it just really squanders his efforts, doesn't it?

After all, inflation has reached a 40 year high at 9 per cent, the cost of living crisis is so bad that police forces have been told to use discretion over people shoplifting from supermarkets to eat and people are choosing between heating and eating.

So it isn't the best look that Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty made the publication's list for the first time, with their joint £730m fortune putting them at number 222 in the list of the UK's wealthiest 250 people. Congrats.

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In his own words, he's "not out of touch" though. Not at all. What do you mean the video of him using a contactless card with a car that wasn't his own after the spring statement looks awkward? How can you possibly suggest the clip of him talking about the price of bread looks like he... doesn't know the price of bread?

Nope let's not remember the time he was confronted by a woman who can't afford to heat her home - he was just on bad form.

Despite this, people on social media certainly had a lot to say about the news:

So spare a thought for Rishi Sunak. It's not been his day.

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