Pence was asked if Trump is a good man and he passed the buck to God

Pence was asked if Trump is a good man and he passed the buck to God
Mike Pence refuses to repeat previous statement that Donald Trump is a …

Former Vice President Mike Pence has very different feelings toward Donald Trump than he did in 2016.

In an interview with NPR, Pence sat down with Steve Inskeep to discuss the former president, among other things, from his new memoir So Help Me God.

Inskeep recalled words Pence used to describe Trump in 2016 when he accepted the nomination for vice president - "a good man".

"Do you still believe he's a good man?" Inskeep asked Pence

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Initially swerving the question, Pence explained that he's proud of the work he did under the Trump administration and listed a series of accomplishments.

"You didn't just call him a good man again," Inskeep pressed.

The former vice president took a deep breath and said, "I truly do believe that only God knows our hearts and I'll leave it to others to make their own judgments."

Since the January 6th attack on the Capitol, Pence has tried to distance himself from Trump.

Pence has condemned the violence that occurred that day and the language Trump used to incite the mob to attack the Capitol.

Earlier this year, during the January 6th hearings, the House Committee revealed that Pence and his family's lives were in danger during January 6th and Trump made little effort to deter this.

Multiple times during the NPR interview, Pence said Trump's handling of January 6th was "wrong".

However, it was clear the former vice president was walking on eggshells so as not to upset the loyal fans of Trump. Like not giving a straight answer to his opinion that Trump is "a good man."

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