Trump takes credit for insulin price cap despite having nothing to do with it

Trump takes credit for insulin price cap despite having nothing to do with it
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Trump has a habit of taking credit for things he hasn't done and is now boasting about the insulin price cap despite it being a Joe Biden achievement.

. He's previously claimed in 2017 that low levels of unemployment were down to him, which economists dispute. He's also said that he passed a private-sector healthcare program, Veterans Choice, but in reality the program was first passed under Obama.

Now, the former President wants recognition for the lower price of insulin, despite it happening under Biden's administration.

On his platform Truth Social, Trump wrote: "Low INSULIN PRICING was gotten for millions of Americans by me, and the Trump Administration, not by Crooked Joe Biden. He had NOTHING to do with it. I was all long before he so sadly entered office. All he does is try to take credit for things done by others, In this case, ME!"

Trump is currently trailing behind Biden on the issue of health care, a top priority for voters ahead of November's election.

In May, a survey from nonpartisan health policy research group KFF, found Biden had an 11-point lead over Trump on the question of ensuring access to affordable health insurance.

The price caps on insulin have become central evidence for Biden's proof that he has helped lower consumer costs despite high levels of inflation.

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden issued a host of provisions aimed at bringing down the price of medicine for seniors, including capping the price of insulin at $35 per month for Medicare recipients. A more universal insulin cap that would have younger people as well has been pushed by the President.

“Instead of paying $400 a month for insulin, seniors with diabetes only have to pay $35 a month!” Biden said at his State of the Union address in March. “And now I want to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month for every American who needs it!”

Trump spent most of his time in office trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering an alternative. Whilst trying to get re-elected, Trump has continued to promise to replace Obamacare, whilst still not saying what that replacement will look like.

Although Trump signed an executive order in the last year of the Trump administration to cap the price insulin, the policy was paused by the Biden administration whilst they reviewed new regulations set to go into effect.

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