Trump wants a 'WWE-style comeback video' when he returns to Twitter

Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon paid $5 million to Donald Trump's foundation …

Donald Trump's time in the social media wilderness might not last much longer and when he returns to Twitter he wants to be greeted with the pomp and ceremony befitting a WWE main eventer.

According to a new report by Rolling Stone, Trump is preparing to ditch his own social media platform Truth Social and will not be signing a new deal with them for media exclusivity, which is due to expire in June.

A statement between the two parties claims that Trump will have to post all of his social media communications to Truth Social before being allowed to post on other platforms six hours later.

Trump is said to be gearing up to return to Facebook and Twitter, which he has been banned from since the January 6 US capitol riots in Washington DC. Twitter owner Elon Musk reinstated Trump's account in November but the ex-president is yet to post on the platform.

As this is Donald Trump, he's unlikely to make a quiet comeback and Rolling Stone reports that one of the ideas being bounced around his team is the possibility of a "slickly made WWE-style campaign video" which would be posted on Twitter. There has also been talk of his first tweet being an insult aimed at Joe Biden as well as comparing himself to Superman.

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It remains to be seen if this will actually happen but we perhaps shouldn't be surprised that Trump is leaning into his connections to the world of professional wrestling for his big social media return.

As it has been well documented, Trump has an extensive history with WWE having been a key part of the company's Wrestlemania 23 event in 2007 where he even got physical with its owner Vince McMahon, a moment that Trump has used for his own political purposes.

Trump's WWE ties don't end there as he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013 and McMahon's wife, Linda was a part of Trump's administration when he was president. McMahon himself was recruited by Trump during the Covid pandemic as an economic adviser.

The timing of this news couldn't be more prescient as McMahon has recently returned to WWE amid his own scandal. In July 2022, McMahon was forced into retirement following a series of reports that he had used hush money to pay off former female employees that he had affairs with bringing his 40 year reign as the head of WWE to an unceremonious end.

However, despite the misconduct allegations, McMahon returned to his role as WWE's executive chairman in January. Although shares in the publicly traded company surged by 22 per cent, it did result in a major shake-up in the board including his own daughter Stephanie resigning as co-CEO.

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