A brief history of MPs trying to look like they enjoy football

A brief history of MPs trying to look like they enjoy football
Boris Johnson wishes England squad luck for Euros final

Politicians are just like you and I - normal people with normal interests.

At least that is what they won't voters to think, and so consistently fall over themselves to counteract awkward interviews and disastrous gaffes by getting papped Going To The Pub or... Watching Football.

Oh football. What better way to show you are a person of the people than go to your local, get a pint of something and cheer whenever England scores a goal? Perhaps there are better ways because when politicians have tried to look like they enjoy it, they've just ended up looking odd.

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Here are some of the times politicians watched the game - and looked a bit weird doing so.

Boris Johnson waves a flag

During the Euros last summer, then prime minister Johnson showed everyone just how committed he is to all things footie by standing on the street outside Downing Street and waving the England flag and decorating the exterior of the gaff in all things England.

It didn't appear as genuine as he perhaps wanted.

Johnson wears England top over his suit

If that wasn't cringw enough, he made an appearance at the England v Denmark Euro 2020 game at Wembley, wearing an England shirt with his name on the back, over his shirt and tie. It didn't look like the most comfortable outfit.

Johnson perches on a table to watch a game

This is the last time we will mention our cursed former PM, promise. But who watches a game like this?

Johnson, apparently.

Keir Starmer watches the World Cup an inch away from the screen

Over to the leader of the opposition now who may need to adjust his glasses prescription given he watched Wales draw with the US last night almost pressed against the screen of the TV. One of his big personality traits is 'liking football' and he still plays with friends so it is sad to see he doesn't know how to watch it normally.

Priti Patel says football's coming home

Despite being one of the politicians involved in stirring up nonsense about taking the knee before games during last year's Euros, Patel celebrated an England win by posting an image of her cheering in an England top.

People found it disingenuous.

Rishi Sunak fills out a wallchart

The new prime minister, who is a self-confessed Southampton shared a video prior to the start of the 2022 World Cup where he wished England and Wales the best of luck during the tournament. However, he chose to do this by filling out a wallchart before the tournament began in a manner that just didn't look right.

David Cameron forgets which football team he supports

Former prime minister David Cameron had quite a history with football, mostly for forgetting which team he supposedly supports. Back in 2015, he made a speech where he mentioned that he supported West Ham United. However, on many previous occasions he had stated that he supported another team that plays in claret and blue; Aston Villa. Speaking afterward he said: "I had what Natalie Bennett described as a brain fade. I’m a Villa fan ... I must have been overcome by something ... this morning. But there we are, these things sometimes happen when you are on the stump."

Politicians are just like you and I - normal people with normal interests... Maybe.

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