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Scientists confirm that one of Mexican aliens is 'alive' after controversial research

Scientists confirm that one of Mexican aliens is 'alive' after controversial research
'Alien' remains undergo CT scan after being presented to Mexico's congress

Scientists in Mexico have given their verdict on the supposed 'aliens' that were presented to the country's congress last week.

Much controversy existed around the aliens who were presented by a man named Jaime Maussan who has previously been accused of using the mummified beings, apparently found in Peru, as part of an elaborate hoax.

Despite spawning dozens of memes, the aliens are apparently being treated seriously enough that they have now been studied by scientists who have said that the figures are ‘single skeletons’ and also have 'eggs' inside of them.

The two aliens have been named Clara and Mauricio and have reportedly been studied in a lab at the Noor Clinic in Mexico. Lead researcher Dr Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, a former navy forensics doctor, who added that as well as being "a single skeleton" the aliens are also a "complete organic being."

He also denied that the aliens were part of a hoax and even said that Clara was "alive, was intact, was biological and was in gestation."

However, much like the alien bodies themselves, the research has been clouded in controversy and scepticism as the research has yet to be officially verified, with Nasa scientist Dr David Spergel questioning why the findings haven't been made public, as per the BBC.

Spergel said: "He said: "If you have something strange, make samples available to the world scientific community and we'll see what's there."

Benitez did add in his address at the press conference: "We are facing the paradigm of describing a new species or given the opportunity to accept that there has been contact with other beings, non-humans, that were drawn and marked in the past by diverse cultures throughout the world."

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