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Is sweating a symptom of Covid?

Is sweating a symptom of Covid?
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It seems every few months new symptoms of Covid arise and some people are wondering whether sweating is correlated to the illness.

Variants like delta, omicron, beta, and gamma have developed new symptoms that are different from the alpha variant. Unlike the original virus that circulated in 2020, omicron has less deadly symptoms but appears more cold-like making it harder to distinguish between Covid and other illnesses.

For people with minimal symptoms, there are various signs to look out for when determining if you have Covid or allergies, or a cold.

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Although Covid does not present itself the same in every person, guidance from the CDC suggests anytime a person feels unwell for multiple days they should seek out a Covid test.

But many people who have battled the omicron variant of Covid have reported night sweats as a symptom, even without the presence of a fever.

Dr. John Torres, NBC News senior medical correspondent told TODAY, "people are reporting night sweats, which is a very strange symptom that they say they’re having" more so than the loss of taste or smell which was an original symptom of Covid.

According to a study conducted by doctors at the University of Medical Sciences in Kashan, Iran nearly half of patients studied experienced excessive sweating or night sweats as a symptom of Covid.

Although almost all patients who experienced night sweats also experienced other symptoms of Covid like runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headache, fever, or more. If you or a loved one begin experiencing night sweats in addition to other cold-like symptoms get tested for Covid and contact your doctor.

Other illnesses are associated with night sweats such as anxiety, menopause, infections, and more.

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