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Donald Trump supporters can’t handle the fact that Las Vegas shooter was white

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United States President Donald Trump's ardent supporters frequently gather in one place on reddit, r/The_Donald.

The subreddit likes to think of itself as the last remaining bastion of reason and discussion, not poisoned by a liberal agenda.

Given this self-regard, no matter how laughable, it's surprising that they so quickly engage in doublethink and groupthink.

In the hours after the Las Vegas shooting, in which over 50 people were killed and 500 injured, members of The_Donald speculated that the shooter was an Islamist terrorist.

With no evidence, they began to speculate that the attack was religiously motivated, with an anti-west agenda, and began saying the attack justified Trump's policies hostile to refugees and Muslims.

When it emerged the shooter's identity was Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old white man, the subreddit started saying the attack didn't make sense - stressing there was no political agenda to it. Or worse, that there must be a hidden leftist agenda, or that it was possibly a false flag attack.

Reddit quickly began contrasting the comments, showing how the subreddit only believes what it wants to, bending evidence to fit predetermined conclusions.

The contrasting comments were curated into one image, shared on reddit and social media, where people pointed out the hypocrisy.

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