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Elon Musk declares that he has stood down as Twitter CEO and appointed a new leader

Elon Musk declares that he has stood down as Twitter CEO and appointed a new leader
Elon Musk says his dog is the actual CEO of Twitter

Much has been made about Elon Musk’s long-term future at Twitter after he mentioned on numerous occasions that he was looking to appoint a new CEO at the end of last year.

He even ran a Twitter poll and let the people vote on the subject, with the results coming back pretty clearly in favour of Musk resigning and letting someone else take charge.

Well, now he’s claimed that he did in fact step down and appoint a new leader.

So who’s in charge now? According to Musk, his dog is calling the shots.

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Musk spoke to the BBC on Tuesday night (April 11) live from Twitter HQ in San Francisco and made a joke about his pet being in charge.

“I did stand down,” he said during the interview. “I keep telling you I’m not the CEO of Twitter, my dog is the CEO of Twitter.”

“I said I would appoint a new CEO and I did and it’s my dog,” Musk added.

Speaking about his Sheba Inu, called Floki, Musk added: "He's a great dog, very alert, and it's hard to get anything by him."

Musk also previously shared a picture of his dog as 'new CEO' back in February, and it looks like he's still continuing the bizarre joke a few months down the line.

The Tesla CEO also spoke about his erratic tweeting since taking over at Twitter. It was recently reported that his tweeting played a factor in him losing the position as richest man in the world, and he admitted that he should probably avoid tweeting ‘past 3am’.

“Have I shot myself in the foot with tweets multiple times?” he said. “Yeah. I need bullet proof shoes at this point.”

Musk also spoke about the nature of his Twitter takeover, saying the "pain level has been extremely high, this hasn't been some kind of party".

"It's not been boring. It's been quite a rollercoaster… [it’s been] really quite a stressful situation over the last several months".

Musk also claimed that things were going "reasonably well" adding that "the site works" and the company is now "roughly breaking even".

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