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Elon Musk keeps criticising Apple while using their products

Apple Has ‘Threatened To Withhold Twitter’ From the App Store, Says Elon …

Elon Musk is on the warpath with Apple, with the Twitter CEO hitting out at the tech giant in a series of Tweets.

Only, he’s still using Apple products to do so.

Social media users have pointed out that Musk is tweeting from an iPhone while calling out the company for its stance on Twitter advertising.

Monday saw Musk embark on a rant about Apple and accuse it of threatening to "withhold Twitter from its App Store" and ceasing advertising on Twitter.

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"Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?" Musk wrote, tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Musk has been calling out Apple on TwitterGetty images

In a series of memes, Musk also mocked Apple accusing the company of building a monopoly and censoring other companies.

Only, some pointed out that his arguments were undermined slightly by the fact he was posting all of them using an Apple product.

Mike Sington of NBCUniversal posted a screenshot showing Musk’s tweets with the "Twitter for iPhone" tag, adding: “Elon Musk complaining about Apple while on an iPhone.”

It might not otherwise be so relevant, but Musk has accused people of hypocrisy over similar things recently.

He racked up 1.3million likes after criticising people on the social media site by writing: “I love when people complain about Twitter … on Twitter.”

By that same principle, wouldn’t he take the mickey out of people who criticise Apple while using Apple products too?

Maybe if Musk really wants to stick it to Apple, he should consider switching to Android.

It all comes after Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Apple began pulling advertising from the platform, along with other companies, due to loosening moderation. Musk has promised "free speech" on Twitter and unbanned several controversial accounts.

He also criticised Apple for taking a 30 per cent fee from all digital content purchased in an iPhone app. Musk posted a meme insinuating he would "go to war" with Apple rather than pay the 30 percent fee as he tries to make Twitter more profitable.

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