Fake customer services reps are trolling brands' Facebook pages and it's wonderful

Ever found brands on social media to be a little, um, over-eager when it comes to online customer service?

Enter Ben Palmer and Nick Price. The two US-based comics have been trolling brands' Facebook pages while posing as genuine customer service representatives. The idea is as genius as it is mischievous:

Of course, people don't always react well:

10/10 trolling, and Palmer tells Fast Company that many people who work in social media actually love what he does. "A lot of people who work in customer service and have to deal with rude people all day come to our page get kind of a release from it and tell us we made their day," he said. "Anyone who gets a laugh out of it because they've dealt with it directly or they've just been around an unruly customer—those are the people that inspired us to do this."

HT Quartz

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