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Flat Earthers mocked after SpaceX launch proves that the world is round

Saturday saw the rescheduled launch of the joint Nasa and SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which shot astronauts into space for the first time since 2011.

The historic event is the first time a private company has successfully carried out a launch with astronauts and could fast track the potential for humans to again travel to the Moon and even Mars.

The launch was witnessed in person by Donald Trump and was also streamed live on YouTube and while many would have been celebrating such a spectacle there would have been a small minority who weren't so happy.

As the shuttle blasted off into the solar system footage showed the vessel in orbit and the perfectly spherical world beneath the words 'flat earth' began to trend on social media.

At first, you would think that it was flat earthers trying to claim that the launch was a hoax or that the footage was manipulated to show that the world was round but it was actually people mocking flat earthers for believing something so ridiculous when the evidence was clear to see.

Amazingly, there were some flat earth Facebook groups attempting to discredit the footage.

Still, it's unlikely that one successful space launch will do anything to deter the flat earthers and their beliefs.

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