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Mother creates 'first time sex starter kit' for her sons

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Talking about sex with your parents can be incredibly awkward, especially as a young person who is just beginning to explore.

But one entrepreneur and mother is hoping to remove any stigma for her teenage sons by creating a “First Time Sex Starter Kit”.

The kit, created by Chloe Macintosh and inspired by her sons, 14-year-old Elliott and 16-year-old Felix, takes the form of a free sex education app, Kama, where people who are ready to explore can go for advice.

Topics on the app include masturbation, oral sex, vaginal and anal penetration, and importantly, consent.

The language used on the app reflects the language young people are already using and isn’t afraid to touch on subjects not normally spoken about during sex education in schools such as pleasure.

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The First Time Sex Starter Kit is a 20-part video series in which Macintosh’s son Felix sits down and talks with sex coach Aaron Michael, asking questions teenagers may have about sex.

Elsewhere on the app, there are foreplay guides, dos and don’ts and myth busters to help demystify elements of sex for people of all ages.

Macintosh, who is also the co-founder of furnishing company, told HuffPost: “We never learn how to relate, to create intimacy, to listen, to touch. So the content we wanted to put out there is more than some tips to put a condom on, but more relating to the experience and making it as relaxed and comfortable as possible.”

She continued: “The fact that so many teens and young people go through the processes of dating and intimacy without proper guidance is not good enough and can be easily repaired.

“If we remove the taboo and shame from talking about sex, then authentic pleasure can come more naturally.”

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