Elon Musk terminates Twitter deal

American art collective MSCHF's latest project titled "Eat the Rich" has taken a sweet spin with the phrase by selling popsicles in the shape of the five tech billionaires.

The term "Eat the Rich" is a popular political slogan among Gen Z and Millennials who are fed up with the inequality that exists within society.

While a popsicle will set you back a purposefully pricey $10 (a tip of the hat to how socialist and progressive ideas are taken and marketed by capitalism), there are five different options to choose from all named after some rich tech giants you may recognise with a playful twist when it comes to their flavour names.

"Munch Musk" after Tesla boss Elon Musk, "Bite Bezos" for Amazon's Jeff Bezos, "Gobble Gates" for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, "Snack on Jack" referring to Alibaba's Jack Ma and "Suck Zuck" in honour of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg of course.

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The ice popsicles use big candy for the eyes as well as recognisable traits to create their ice-cream caricatures, such as Gate's square glasses and Zuckerberg's hair (though we're not sure Bezos' red candy eyes)...

On the product packaging, the billionaires are mocked along with their businesses as Zuckerberg is surrounded with thumbs-down symbols, and Jeff Bezos' Amazon logo is turned into a sad face.


Eat the Rich - A new ice cream truck in NYC is selling popsicles shaped like billionaires. Which one would you eat? #mschf #eattherich #jeffbezos #elonmusk #newyorkcity #nyc #eattherichpopsicles #nyctiktok

An ice cream truck fittingly called the Mschfsicle has been selling the treats in New York City (McCarren Park in Brooklyn today and Washington Square Park tomorrow) and Los Angeles (The Grove today, and Hollywood Boulevard tomorrow).

So if you want a cool down by having a taste of the one per cent, the truck will be at these locations from 11am-6pm on 12 and 13 July.

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