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Pentagon whistleblower claims that ‘UFOs have killed humans’

Pentagon whistleblower claims that ‘UFOs have killed humans’
Military whistleblower goes public with claims US has secret UFO retrieval program

A whistleblower who claims that the US government has been operating UFO retrieval research in secret has reportedly said that UFOs have been responsible for the deaths of humans.

David Grusch worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and was involved with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

He claimed that some of the “non-human intelligences” discovered have malevolent intentions and have killed people.

Speaking to NewsNation [via the Daily Mail], he also reportedly claimed that the US is in a race with Russia and China to study extraterrestrial life.

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“I think the logical fallacy there is because they’re advanced, they’re kind. We’ll never really understand their full intent and that’s because we’re not them. But I think what appears to be malevolent activity has happened.”

He added: “That’s based on nuclear site probing activities and witness testimony.

Grusch was then asked if UFOs had ever killed humans and he replied: “While I can’t get into the specifics because that would reveal certain US classified operations, I was briefed by a few individuals on the program that there were malevolent events like that.”

The 36-year-old also suggested that the US government would go to extreme lengths to keep secrets covered up, saying: “At the very least, I saw substantive evidence that white-collar crime was committed… unfortunately.

“I’ve heard some really un-American things I don’t want to repeat right now.”

Grusch previously claimed that the US government has a "non-human origin" in-tact craft that they're keeping from the public.

Speaking to NewsNation, Grusch said: "These are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, call it a spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed."

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