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'Starseed' humans believe they are aliens sent to Earth to save the planet

Aliens, Ghosts, and Conspiracies

Every single person is unique in their own way, but some people think they’re extra special. So much so that they may be extraterrestrials.

These people call themselves “starseeds” or “star people” and they believe they originated as aliens but were put on Earth to help save it.

Across social media, especially TikTok, people believing they are starseeds share their insights about being an alien and help others discover if they are also starseeds.

TikToker unicoleunicron, who claims to be one, explained in one video that “starseeds are alien consciousness born into human bodies.”

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“Because of our unique energy signatures, we have pretty hard lives,” she explains in her video.

A common theme amongst those who believe they are starseeds is feeling lonely or like an outcast because they have a different mindset than “other earthinlings.”

One TikToker, ellieyjlee, made a video claiming she always felt like an outsider growing up. That is until she realized on her “awakening journey” that she is different.

“I am not like others,” the TikToker says.


what is it like to be a starseed?

The idea of starseeds may originate from a 1976 book Gods of Aquarius written by Brad Steiger. It explains that some people originated as aliens and arrive on Earth either by birth or by replacing a person’s soul.

Some believe their purpose is to bring prosperity and happiness to the planet.

On TikTok, several people have claimed others can determine if they’re a starseed by meditating or opening their “third eye.”

In one video, a woman shared five signs that can indicate another person may be a starseed. It includes feeling like an outcast, having a connection to animals or nature, having a strong intuition, being drawn to mythology or conspiracy theories, and wanting to find a “home.”

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