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These kids reacting to Windows 95 will probably make you feel prehistoric

These kids reacting to Windows 95 will probably make you feel prehistoric

It's been 20 years since the launch of Windows 95, and what better way to celebrate its birth than to watch post-2000 teenagers try to turn one on.

Fine Brothers Entertainment posted a Teens React to Windows 95 video, below, and there are few words available to describe the waves of nostalgia running through us all.

It’s always good when they can recognise what it is they’re looking at:


I see these in old libraries


Okay, like the first computer ever made?

But it’s Moises that knows exactly what this is:

Are these the ones that take floppy disks inside of them?

It shouldn't be too difficult to turn it on:

Nora seems to be having a little bit of trouble...

Whereas Morgan is fascinated by the startup noises

The noises are very interesting. I don't think I've ever heard a computer make these kind of noises before in my life.

Eventually, they manage to turn the computer on, only to be forced to wait. And wait. And then wait some more.

Moises had a point:

You usually boot up, then you go get your snack, and then once your snack is all done then you come here and it's already done booting up.

Had they heard of Windows 95?

Daniel said:

It's prehistoric! It's like a dinosaur.


[I've heard of it] as a joke! I see a lot of stuff on the internet that's like 'ha ha Windows 95 sucks'.

After some more confusion with the home screen, they are instructed to access the infamous Internet Explorer to go on the internet.

But wait. There's no wifi.

Cue the hysterics.

The situation didn't improve when they were told about modems and phone lines and internet connection.

So you would have to use your phone to go on the internet?

They were told about the Disk Operating System (DOS) which, before the invention of the 'start' button, was the only way to manoeuvre your way around the desktop through the use of code.

So there was a lot of lost people.

They had to learn computer code before they got computers? That seems like way too much work though!

Morgan pointed out the logistical difficulties of DOS...

If you're on your iPad and you had to type in a little code - and every time I wanted to switch apps or whatever, I think a lot less people would be interested in owning them.

After fiddling around with the internet connection through AOL, they realised that the only thing they were able to do, was to turn it off...

You can watch the whole video below:

And just to make sure you feel even more ancient, here's the original launch of Windows 95, awkward grown-up dancing included:

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