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Twitter’s press email now gives a bizarre auto-response - and Musk is getting roasted

Twitter’s press email now gives a bizarre auto-response - and Musk is getting roasted

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After Elon Musk’s bought Twitter in October, and disbanded the company’s communications team as part of mass employee layoffs, the social media platform’s official press email is responding to enquiries again – just not in the way you might expect.

On Sunday, the Tesla founder and businessman tweeted that the once-manned email address – – “now auto-responds” with the poop emoji.

It’s the latest chaotic action from Musk, who in recent weeks has admitted Twitter is “brittle” after several outages; had to apologise to a disabled ex-Twitter employee; reportedly tried to ‘sell office plants’ to staff to raise money; and joined a Twitter Space just to play fart noises and sound effects.

This is one of the world’s richest people, everybody…

Oh, and we’re being totally serious about the whole poop emoji thing, which still remains in force at the time of writing and is issued regardless of whatever you happen to email the press office about.

Except, knowing Twitter users, it wasn’t long before people used it to have a bit of fun:

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Others believe it’s just incredibly childish:

Well, we’re hardly surprised when Musk spends so much time sharing terrible memes on his Twitter account.

And if he’s not messing around with the running of a major social media platform, then he’s sending weird compliments to pop superstar Taylor Swift and praising her “limbic resonance”.

At least we can all be thankful that rumours he’s bought out Spotify are completely baseless, and not too dissimilar to the one which claimed he had bought ABC.

In response to a request for comment, Twitter told Indy100: "💩"

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