A new tool that tests the effect of images on the human brain has concluded that the above picture, featuring dinosaurs and lasers, is the most "exciting" ever published on the internet.

A team of "visual neuroscientists" from EyeQuant, an artificial intelligence firm, has created an algorithm that rates a website or image out of 100 based on its "excitingness".

The software uses two metrics to reach this score - which it says is 90 per cent accurate to real human behaviour - attention (which area users will most likely look at) and clarity (how clear a design is).

The top image, from the 1980s toy series Dino-Wars, scores 95 out of 100 on the "excitingness" scale.

In comparison, i100.co.uk had a score of 46 when analysed by the same software.

Clearly we need more dinosaurs and lasers...

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