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The 9 biggest UFO stories of 2023 so far

The 9 biggest UFO stories of 2023 so far
Mysterious UFO illuminates night sky in China

It’s a question that’s fascinated mankind for centuries – but could there really be life out there in the universe?

Now, more than ever, the search is taking place in earnest and there have been plenty of developments in 2023.

So, on World UFO Day these are the 9 biggest UFO stories of the year so far.

'Alien spacecraft' found at the bottom of Pacific Ocean

For years people have been looking to the skies for signs of alien life - but maybe, they should have been looking at the bottom of the ocean this whole time.

A Harvard physicist has claimed that parts of an alien 'spacecraft' could have been uncovered under the sea.

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Professor Avi Loeb set off on a search along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and found 50 iron pieces that originated from the IM1 meteor.

IM1 crashed off the coast of Papua New Guinea and Leob believes it could contain key information in the search for life out there in the universe, saying he hasn’t discounted the idea of the pieces being evidence of a “spacecraft” from an “extraterrestrial technological civilization” which crashlanded on Earth.'

Alien in New York' video sparks fresh speculation about UFOs in the United States

More so-called footage of aliens on Earth has gone viral on social media - this time supposedly showing an extraterrestrial in a backyard in New York.

The footage comes just days after a family in Las Vegas reportedly found aliens on their property before it was widely debunked by fact-checkers as nothing more than CGI. There had also been false claims that the family in question had gone 'missing' which was quickly dismissed.

Inevitably another video has now gone viral on TikTok, racking up more than 300,000 views at the time of writing.

UFO expert claims that the south pole is an 'air traffic control' for aliens

Ufologist Dr. Steven Greer recently hosting a conference on the subject of UFOs. A range of people were invited to share their insights as part of an event streamed online and it saw Eric Hecker describe the south pole as an “air traffic control” hub for aliens.

The conspiracy theorist made some pretty out-there claims at the conference, but it’s the discussion about the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station that was most significant.

He claimed the station actually operated as an “air traffic control” centre for UFOs and communicated with “exotic” crafts by sending neutrino rays up into space.

Nasa astronaut claims that aliens have prevented a nuclear war on Earth

Could we have aliens to thank for preventing a nuclear war on Earth? That’s what one former Nasa astronaut has claimed.

Edgar Mitchell, who was involved in the Apollo 14 mission, gained a reputation for sharing conspiracy theories when he arrived back from the moon in 1971.

Mitchell was the sixth man on the moon and was the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 14. Before his death in 2016, Mitchell spoke at length claiming that aliens visited Earth.

Speaking to the Mirror, he alleged that aliens were responsible for preventing nuclear war between the US and the Soviets at the height of Cold War tensions.

Pentagon whistleblower claims that ‘UFOs have killed humans’

A whistleblower who claims that the US government has been operating UFO retrieval research in secret has reportedly said that UFOs have been responsible for the deaths of humans.

David Grusch worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and was involved with the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

He claimed that some of the “non-human intelligences” discovered have malevolent intentions and have killed people.

The US government has apparently found an 'intact' alien aircraft

One former US agent has claimed materials have been recovered that could support the existence of UFOs.

David Charles Grusch, an ex-member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office, claimed the US government has a 'non-human origin' in-tact craft that they're keeping from the public.

Speaking to NewsNation, Grusch said: "These are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles, call it a spacecraft if you will, non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed."

UFO spotted on Google Earth near Harry and Meghan's home

A flying saucer was allegedly been found near Harry and Meghan’s £11 million mansion.

The mysterious circular object was spotted by an eagle-eyed UFO hunter on Google Earth.

Alien boffin Tony Moreno’s finding could be embarrassing for NASA.

It comes as the space agency prepares to publish findings from its own nine-month probe into unidentified anomalous phenomena this summer.

Logan Paul shares the one thing that could 'validate' the most 'compelling' UFO video ever

Logan Paul has possession of the “best UFO footage ever”, or so he claims.

It comes after documentary filmmaker James Fox spoke on The Joe Rogan Experience about a video rumoured to have been uncovered by UFO specialist Chuck Clark around 30 years ago.

Fox claimed that the clip shows two men in the Nevada desert encountering a UFO, and he believes that if Paul released the footage it could be key to changing people’s perceptions about alien sightings.

Now, Paul has stated that he does indeed have a copy of the video. He claimed that he tried to purchase the footage from Clark for $100,000. After the offer was turned down, he then used a hidden camera to record the footage after he was invited to a screening.

Model captures 'best UFO footage ever' from her private plane

A model has shared what some are describing on social media as the 'best UFO footage ever' after spotting something strange during a flight.

Valentina Rueda Velez, a Colombian model who goes by the username @Valentinarueda.v on Instagram, shared a clip during a recent journey on a private plane.

Valez, who has worked with the likes of Pretty Little Thing during her career, claims to have seen something strange pass by her window while flying on April 4.

UFO enthusiasts have seized on the footage, which appears to show an object appearing against the clear blue sky.

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